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Handling Malfunctioning Garage Door Springs can be Dangerous

Garage door springs form the backbone of the safety mechanism of your garage door. Your garage door is a heavy equipment and requires support to move. The garage door spring provides this cushion that helps in moving the garage door. Moreover, your garage door cannot function with faulty garage door springs, and the chances of the device collapsing on you will rise to all-time high levels.

Apart from being a distressing situation, to say the least, the problem can also make your life miserable. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to know the dangers of using a malfunctioning garage door spring. The device can weigh up to 500lbs. This weight is enough to cause substantial damage to property and expose you to serious injuries and high hospital bills.

You cannot live with broken garage door torsion springs or broken garage door extension springs and replacing them with new garage door spring parts is the only feasible and secure option available to you. Knowing the problem and the solution is one thing and executing it by garage door spring replacement to achieve concrete results is an entirely different ballgame.

As a responsible and cautious homeowner you just cannot afford to take any chances with your broken garage door springs and for your well-being it is imperative that you let our garage door spring repair experts at Garage Door Repair Marysville, WA handle the task. We provide both garage door extension spring replacement and garage door torsion spring replacement.
We provide a range of garage door spring repair services like replacing or adjusting garage door springs properly under the same roof, and apart from helping you with malfunctioning garage door springs, we’ll also come to your rescue if you have doubts that any of the other garage door parts like rollers, openers, and safety cables are not functioning the way they should and also provide with all essential garage door spring repair tips and garage door spring replacement tips.

We service garage door spring repair torsion springs as well as the extension ones and will help you whether you have a minor issue, or a major problem is plaguing your garage door springs or any other part.

Homeowners also face difficulties and confusion while choosing a torsion spring replacement for your garage door. Contact us if you too have no idea regarding the garage door spring system that would be compatible with your garage door. Our experts will schedule an appointment and advise you after taking measurements of your existing garage door spring system and the garage door.

We follow industry practices and guidelines and also invest heavily in procuring modern tools for our team members. The use of these equipment not only helps our teams in ensuring your safety but also enables us in delivering results within the deadlines.
We also stock and sell heavy duty spring for garage doors as well as conventional garage door spring systems. Our team members always carry these and other spare parts to the homeowner’s location. Doing so saves time as they don’t need to procure these parts from the market.

Still wondering what to do if garage spring breaks just call us to get answers to all your questions and to learn more about what makes a particular garage door spring replacement compatible with your garage door.

Reasons to Place Your Trust in the Capabilities of our Service Team

Our experts are capable technicians, and we only hire those professionals who have a background and experience in client servicing and helping customers with regular as well as technical and complex repair and maintenance issues.

All our team members also undergo regular training and classroom sessions to know about modern techniques and equipment that are creating ripples in the industry. Conducting regular simulation classes also helps in introducing complex situations that these experts can face while working on live projects. Exposure to such conditions helps them in sharpening their decision-making abilities.

Our team members are rational and knowledgeable individuals and avoid acting in haste. These professionals will not jump to a conclusion and refrain from designing a strategy only on the basis of the symptoms of the problem that you enlist.
On the contrary, these technicians will run a visual inspection and even carry out different tests to ascertain the cause of the problem. The formulation of an action plan will depend on the extent and nature of the problem you’re experiencing.

Superlative Services at no Extra Cost

We provide 24 -hour services, 365 days a year to ensure that you get a solution as and when a problem arises. We also categorize problems that demand immediate resolution as the emergency ones. You can expect a same day solution if you’re facing any such issues.
Garage door springs are sturdy equipment as they have to support your heavy garage door. Despite this, regular wear and the excess pressure that the door exerts can damage the part and render it useless. The situation can be acutely distressing for you as you may need to invest heavily towards replacing the faulty parts with the new ones.

We understand this concerns and provide a lifetime warranty on garage door springs that we sell. You can claim this warranty on garage door springs as and when you encounter a problem with the functioning of your garage door springs should you choose to shop with us. Doing so will help you in saving on garage door spring repair cost and garage door spring replacement cost.
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